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Escape | Dorset, UK ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง

  • Already tested concept with 2ย eco cabins in the Dorset area in the UK
  • ยฃ115,000 already raised and now looking to raise ยฃ200,000 more
  • 15% return on capital

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Why to invest into glamping?


Passive income
Earn monthly yearly yield without an active involvement in the glamping project


Growing market
Glamping is booming round the world and you can leverage this growing trend


Glamping is a great way to diversify and not put all the eggs into the same asset class


Tax advantages
You can leverage multiple tax breaks and reductions associated with real estate


Fast development
A new glamping site can be launched in literally a few months


High profitability
Average daily rates are and occupancy rates are high while costs of glamping units are low

How does it work?


We identify the best glamping projects
Our team of researchers is scouting the best opportunities and new developments


We make a due diligence
We filter credible operators with business plans that make sense (we check their numbers)


Notify you about new opportunities
You will get an email with new opportunities that meet your criteria (e.g. location)


You decided if to invest or pass
You can talk to other investors and then make the final decision

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