Business analysis of glamping startups: Getaway

I stumbled upon Getaway's first cabin prototype from 2015.

It didn't look so appealing but 8 years later, Getaway is one the most successful glamping startups:

  • $81.5M total funding
  • 30 locations
  • 40 cabins per location in avg

They build a network of escape cabins for people searching for a digital detox.

The comments on the original ProductHunt launch page didn't give much sign either that this will be a hit.

Lesson learned: In hospitality, you don't need the whole internet cheering for your new project.

Focus on the first 100 clients locally and grow from there.

The first Getaway location

When researching successful hospitality businesses, I found it insightful to study more about the first location.

The first "test" location with 3 units was in New Hampshire. Lesson learned: In hospitality, you don't need a whole internet cheering for your new project. Focus on the first 100 clients locally and grow from there.

The picture from the beginning of this email is the opposite of how Getaway presents itself now.

They mastered the design of the cabins, as well as the photography.

Their website/branding is so good that has been stolen by dozens of copycats.

"Steal" from Getaway too

I went into a rabbit hotel and tried to research EVERYTHING about Getaway.

From the type of customers they target, land acquisition, details about cabin manufacturing to marketing tactics.

Some discoveries:

  • They run A LOT of ads (FB and IG)
  • But significant growth is driven by influencers and referrals (google “getaway house review” and you will see a flood of blog posts with referral codes)
  • 100% of bookings are direct, no dependence on Airbnb/Booking - that's a holy grail
  • 92% occupancy rate based on the info on the website (hard to believe, but I didn't find a way to verify)
  • Inexpensive custom-built tiny houses (on wheels, what is kind of loophole for permits)
  • Acquisition of old-school and bad-performing campsites in B/C locations, in 2-3h driving distance from large US cities

We've researched 14 of these glamping startups and gathered all the details (like in the format below).

You can access them here.

🔗 Website

🗣️ One-liner

A day off for the always on. Getaway offers simple escapes to tiny cabins nestled in nature.

⚒️ Year started


🤑 Total funding

$81.5M (details)

💻 Property management software


#️⃣ Number of units

  • 1,000+ units
  • avg 40 units per location)

🏠 Type of units

📍 Locations

25-30 (many in development or beta testing, so not clear)

✍️ Link to previous newsletters (this is an absolute gem for research)

💸 Pricing

  • $100-150 during weekdays
  • $150-300 during weekend

🛏️ Minimum nights

  • 1 during weekdays
  • 2 during weekend

💃🏽 What type of event?

  • Retreats
  • Corporate offsites
  • Events

📊 Website traffic estimate

623.1K visits a month

Facebook and Instagram ads

all ads

🥁 The first location and number of units

  • New Hampshire
  • 3 units

👨💻 Number of employees on Linkedin

194 (178 FT and 231 PT according to site)

👨💻 Founders names and Linkedins

🚲 Upsells (bikes, food basket, etc.)

  • Getaway Kits (The Kid's Adventure Kit, Ready-to-Light Campfire, The Get Closer Kit, Provisions Box)
  • dog fee

🏄 Type of activities/experiences offered


📜 Land own or lease?


💰 Affiliate program yes/no

Yes, 7% commission

🗣️ Referral program

Refer someone to Getaway and we'll send them $25 off their first stay. When they book, you'll get up to $35 off.

🎯 Target audience

  • Digital detox
  • Solo travelers
  • Couples or friends
  • 2-3 night stays
  • 70% Millennials according to site

↩️ Airbnb/Booking presence?

No (100% direct bookings according to site)

🍽️ Onsite restaurant?


♻️ Subscriptions/memberships?

Discount on multi-night bundles

🔮 Estimated occupancy


🤝🏼 Selling units to individual owners/investors


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