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Funding goal





31st of March 2022

Funded! The fundraising for this project already ended.

Key info

  • Already tested concept with 2 eco cabins in the Dorset area in the UK
  • £115,000 already raised and now looking to raise £200,000 more
  • 15% return on capital


Plush, Doset is a quintessential English Hamlet, situated 2.5 hours from London (train & car), within the North Dorset Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The hamlets thatched Pub dates back to 1785 but the area has been home to a 3,000 year old Nettlecombe Tout Hill Fort (1,200-600 BC), a resting place for medieval drovers using the nearby crossing of Dorsetshire Gap and the largest chalk giant in Cerne Abbas (55 metres tall).


  • Our mission is to empower a sustainable lifestyle for a healthier planet mentally and physically  
  • We are providing an off-grid eco-cabin escape to be free from work, Wi-Fi and technology to explore, build meaningful relationships and fully recharge their wellbeing
  • We are providing a digital detox, sustainable travel & wild adventures
  • Our customers are London based couples looking to escape their busy lives powered by their phone

Digital Wellness Facts 

Technology has pushed us away from what it means to be human.
  • 9 years of your life spent using a mobile - 3 hours 23 minutes per day on average
  • 58 times a day - we check our phone of which 70% of those are under 2 minutes and 50% of us then re-pick it up within 3 minutes
  • £45 Billion - Poor mental health costs UK employers up to £45 billion a year
  • 94% Admit to spending too much time on their screens

What's your current traction? 

Currently have two cabins in Dorset’s Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty with only 5* reviews so far:

"We had such a fantastic stay!! A few days away from London, completely offline was just what we needed. This was definitely one of the most unique but best experiences. The cabin completely exceeded expectations, there’s everything you need to keep your mind busy without the need to use social media!"

"I was looking for grand views. And man do these windows do that. They made me feel like I was immersed in stunning landscapes, and any time my mind wandered, I was transported to the hills and the sky."

"This little box on the hillside is just a gem. I would, without a doubt, return. The silence. For most of my three days here, there has been complete and total silence. So much so that I am now used to just the wind, the sound of the eagles, the roar of the fire. It is phenomenally tranquil, and that solitude allows for an absence of distractions that creates immense stillness."

What we do

  • We provide an opportunity for farms in beautiful off-grid locations to increase their dwindling revenue
  • Build Tiny Homes / Cabins
  • Sustainably powered tiny homes that are designed to operate off-grid with minimal planning and land cost (Self-contained 16sq m unit; warm log fire; run off solar, wood & gas ;No running sewage with a compost loo
  • Wellness Brand - We don’t focus on a it being somewhere to stay. We focus it on being somewhere to reconnect with what matters most, to relax and fully recharge. 
  • High returns - Glamping is a fast-growing market with substantially higher returns than other asset classes with a 15% - 20% IRR per annum. 
  • £120 per night average, Occupancy rate 85%, 25 year + lifespan

Market Size 

Our target audience is a hugely discerning and largely untapped market: mindful millennials (25-35).

Research and user focus groups showed us that these millennials are eager to explore the world, have time and freedom to do so and really value wellness and eco-tourism.

Highly fragmented glamping market with very few brands:

  • 1,700 glamping sites in the UK
  • 78% of glamping operators stated it was not their primary source of income
  • 60% of holiday parks and campsites have 1-5 pitches
  • 67% have owned for 10+ years

Market Facts

  • £9.3 BILLION UK Holiday Park and Campsite Sector
  • 55 million nights  spent on camping and caravanning trips in 2019
  • 102% Growth in demand for cabins in 2018 
  • Adventure & Wellness Travel Growing more than twice as fast as tourism overall



We are looking to raise £200,000 of equity for 15% of the company to build 9 cabins. Then would look to use the £16,000 EBITDA from cabins (given 1.25 payback period on £20K cost) and raise debt the following years to build 117 cabins in 5 years:- £11,750,000 valuation, 8.82 equity multiple on capital.

  • 15% return on capital
  • We have raised £115,000 and looking to raise £200,000 more
  • Minimal planning and land cost to scale quickly
  • Build timescale 4 weeks 
  • Capital secured against Tiny Homes


How are the funds going to be used?

The majority of funds will be secured against building three more cabins and sorting out the site to get their 15% return on investment. 10% will go to marketing.


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