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Is Epic Monday for me?
Epic Monday was designed for founders, writers, designers and any other creative people who need to escape from their daily distractions and focus killers. If you are one of them, we are excited to host you.


How many locations do you have?
Currently we have three locations, but we are constantly scoping out interesting new spots. We have a strict on-boarding process and we talk to all the landlords in person. Once the house passes our high standards checklist (location, wi-fi, security), we move in our equipment and add it to our list.


Why is the minimum stay 5 nights?
Productivity needs some time to kick in. For some people it might take a day or two to become friends with the new environment. We want to make sure you get the most out of your productivity, therefore the minimum stay is 5 nights.


What are the payment methods you accept?
Currently we accept PayPal, Credit Cards and a Wire Transfer.


Do you also take deposit?
No, we take the full price of the whole stay ahead.


Can I bring my family?
This service was designed for individuals seeking privacy and most of our locations are equipped to host only two people. But everything is possible and if you feel that you want to come with your kids, just leave us a note at the end of the booking process and we will let you know if we are able to provide some more space for them.


Do you also provide food?
We don't provide food. All of the locations on offer are close to restaurants or supermarkets.


What else can you provide?
We will do our best to help with custom requests where possible. Do you want us to stuck up your fridge with beer or coconuts? Just add a message to your booking form at the end of the booking process.


Can I add my property onto your list?
If you own a remotely located house, we’re definitely interested in hearing from you. Go ahead and check out the property owners page.


Have more questions?
Feel free to contact us.

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